About Me

Hello, Welcome to bloggingpride.com

I, myself, Raju Yarida and I’m a web designer, Front-End Developer, Techie who loves the latest gadgets, applications, and services which makes life easier and connects the world digitally.

In a way, we are losing the real presence with the world as the technology evolving day by day and everybody upgrading themselves into the technology world.

I love to connect with the world through sharing and communicating as it grows me personally, the way of life and improvising what I have. This world is full of different kinds of people and has different rituals of course and the way of life.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m into the web designing industry and it’s my passion too. This made me love WordPress as it is the largest platform being used to build and maintain a website without any knowledge of coding.

I have been a freelancer and working regular Job in parallel. So, I wanted to have my own website, a CMS, where I can share my knowledge about blogging, WordPress Themes and Plugins, Making Money Online, Of course, reviews too to choose a winner product for the beginners, if any…lol.

In today’s world all the websites, businesses, products anything for that matter need SEO and Digital Marketing. So, I have been studying and learning these new technologies, I can say, and I can proudly say now I’m in a position to teach the beginners’ tips and tricks or provide some guides to make them reach their goals.

It makes me happy if anyone will find helpful what I am going to share through blogginpride.com.

I am proud to mention that there are some bloggers I really admire and gave inspiration to me to make this happen.

As I am happily married and a great father to a little son, I try my level best to make really good content on a regular basis. Please understand if I’m taking much time in between.

You can contact me rajuy@bloggingpride.com or you can go to contact us page to drop a message.

Thank you for reading.