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SiteGround is a highly recommended web host by the techies online. As it has many features like 100% uptime, Easy to use User Interface, Daily Backups for free, Reliable Customer Support and many more. SiteGround is the best affordable Managed WordPress Hosting. Grab 70% off today with below link to start your dream website today. Or You can see my detailed Review below. Happy Hosting.

Ease of Use


SiteGround has Easy to Use User Interface where the beginners will also understand and do whatever they want by themselves.

Price and Value


Manged WordPress Hosting costs a lot of money today, but with SiteGround this made very affordable



SiteGround provides a best Customer Support and they will help you in any ways related to hosting queries.

Are you planning for SiteGround Hosting? Don’t know how good SiteGround hosting is? Is SiteGround worth your money? Which SiteGround plan suits you best?

Don’t worry. I will help you out. Find out answers to all these questions in my detailed SiteGround hosting review.

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If you are searching for a superb web host for a long time, you would have already been familiar with the importance of uptime. Isn’t it?

I personally feel uptime is a very vital thing. It has to be considered while choosing a hosting.

The uptime percentage of a hosting company tells you a major thing – how often you can expect your website to be unavailable or “down”

Company Background

SiteGround is a top-rated independent web-hosting organisation located in Bulgaria. The company was founded in 2004. Since then it is serving users worldwide. And have Data Centers in the USA, Singapore, Amsterdam and UK.

Best of all, SiteGround company is pretty active in the community events. And they are known for their “well-crafted” hosting solutions.

Frankly speaking, It’s been almost 18 months since I picked SiteGround hosting review. And after using it for these many days, I felt it’s worth sharing my thoughts. And it’s the time to share my experience with other members in this space.

General Hosting Overview

Selecting a hosting service for you depending on the features it has to offer is the perfect way to choose it. 

Even, understanding whether or not the hosting supports your platform is most important.

So let me give you an overview of this hosting. Before we go deep into its pros and cons.

My Opinion: I personally found SiteGround to be extremely reliable. And noticeably faster.

Mainly hosting plans are very flexible. Besides, their customer service is one of the best in the industry I have seen.

Here is an outline of noticeable features of SiteGround Hosting review.

SiteGround works great to startups, small businesses, bloggers and enterprise clients, who value:

  • Advanced Security
  • Smart custom solutions
  • State-of-the-art quality hosting
  • And affordable pricing

Now let me discuss with you the top 10 pros of SiteGround hosting. I feel these 10 things made it more beneficial.

Top 10 Pros of SiteGround Hosting to Prove it is The Best Web Host!

1. 4x Faster Compared to Others

While I compared SiteGround hosting with others, I felt it has some super fast magic. 

SiteGround servers are highly optimized. Mainly, they rock in terms of peed. They consist of the latest hardware like SSD drives. And also custom software to make sure that your site is 4x faster compared to others.

2. Quick Server Response time

Quick Server Response time adds much value to your website. It is a measure of how much time a server takes to respond. To say it clear, within how much time it will respond  to a request. Even before it starts delivering content to screens. 

Google’s recommended  response time of the server is under 200ms.  If it is more than that, people will feel it lag.

 I always use a server speed checker to check my site’s server response time.

SiteGround Hosting Review - Server Response Time
SiteGround Server Response Time - Tested with bitcatcha

3. Continuous 100% uptime for more than 10 years

SiteGround Cloud performed great beyond my expectations! 

You just want to pick the data center closest to your target market. It will have maximum impact.

I also performed speed tests on SiteGround’s shared plans. And to my surprise, they are also rocking. They responded in average 138 ms.


However, for any hosting service, it is not possible

to claim 100% uptime. There are too many variables in play. They have to consider all those things  to be sure that there will never be any downtime. But, they do guarantee a 99.99% uptime.

And this 99.99% uptime is provided by SiteGround hosting.

That’s impressive right?  Mainly, I am surprised when I found they live up to it. 

And while I searched regarding it, I found they use monitoring software. This Software notifies them immediately. Mainly, when there is an outage. And it works quickly to resolve any issues.

99.99% uptime is really amazing. This means your site might be down for a little. That is over four hours in any six month period.

4. Best and Affordable WordPress Managed Hosting

SiteGround Hosting Review - Best Managed WordPress Hosting

SiteGround hosting is one of WordPress’s top-rated web hosts. This best hosting for WordPress isn’t easy to get this reward.

SiteGround Hosting Review - Affordable Managed WordPress Hosting

SiteGround went through thousands of support and security tests. And even many speed tests to prove itself. And to earn that recognition. Best of all, it is affordable too.

5. Customer Support - Reliable and Fast

I personally believe customer support is one of the main things we need. SiteGround satisfied me a lot in this regard.

SiteGround Hosting Review - Customer Support

It’s always easy to get help from SiteGround.  Whether it’s phone or email or even via live chat, they provide the fast reply. Even their 4,500 pages knowledge base and tutorials are the best.

SiteGround has reliable live chat support. 

SiteGround Hosting Review - Customer Support 2

I had made a survey earlier. I spoke to 28 hosting companies via their live chat system. But to my surprise, SiteGround stood out as the best in terms of wait time. And it also gave me  personal satisfaction

6. No Cost Daily Backups - Free

I know how important it is to backup the data. It is important to all of us on our websites. If you don’t consider, then you risk losing both static data and dynamic data.

SiteGround provides  daily backups of all of their clients’ websites.  So at any time your backup fails or you need to reclaim your data, it can be done. You can contact customer service and get the things done.

You will get free daily backup copies of your website. You will also get  website backup and restoration service.


You can create and restore website backups quickly with this hosting. Even easily with their one click tool. By it,You can create and restore backups instantly.  This tool is available in the easy to use on cPanel.


With SiteGround hosting:

If anything goes wrong there is no data loss worry, as SiteGround Provides you Daily Backups.

Even you can experiment with website updates.

7. Applications Updates with Compatibility Checking

Just update the server’s software to the latest version. It ensures compatibility. It decreases errors and increases the efficiency of the server.

8. Fast Data Centers

SiteGround’s datacenter locations are present in three continents: 

Asia-Pacific region

North America and Europe.

And its servers are in Amsterdam, Singapore, London and Chicago.

As an advantage, business owners could choose PCI-compliant and GDPR-compliant hosting.

This network is enhanced by the Cloudflare content delivery network.

These CDNs make up-to-date copies of your website. They also store them in cities around the world.

And this web visitor can access your site from a datacenter location nearest to them. So do you know what’s the advantage of this?  

“Your site will load quickly”

Yes, I liked this particular point very much. As what could be effective to us more than it in our busy life.

SiteGround Hosting Review - Multiple Data Centers
Captured with bitcatcha

9. No Cost Site Migration - Free

One Website transfer is absolutely free. 

Just fill up the migration request form. And provide the SiteGround team with access to your cPanel account. You will get your No Cost Site Migration within 24 hours.

 I used their site migration service. And the procedure is really as simple as it sounds.

I just gave them access to my cPanel. They logged into my old host. They backed up everything. And then they deployed the backup from SiteGround’s cPanel.


My site migration went in a very great way

Everything is perfect and smooth.

10. 70% Discount to Start - Beginner Friendly

SiteGround usually don’t provide any coupons. They don’t rely on this option at all. 

Still, you can get 70% off discount with our link and it will apply automatically at checkout, and it requires no coupon code entry.

I advise you to take this opportunity and buy for a lengthy period as the renewal costs more and not only SiteGround every other Hosting Provider do the same. Therefore, I didn’t include this as a con of SiteGround Hosting.

Cons of SiteGround

Limit of Data Storage: The first con of SiteGround is its Data storage.  It has very less cap on the amount of data you can store on your site.

No Free Domain Name.

SiteGround's Plans and Features

As I said to you earlier, by sign-up, you could get a discount of 60%.  

The pricing of the  SiteGround hosting plan  is affordable and delivers value for money. 

The shared web hosting has 3 plans that include:

StartUp plan: (Priced at $3.95 per month) 

This is the basic hosting plan. It lets new customers have one website set up.  

By this you can receive up to 10,000 visitors per month. 

As the business enhances and the traffic increases, you could upgrade to the GrowBig hosting plan.

GrowBig Plan: (Priced at $7.95 per month) 

It is perfect for medium to large enterprises that have several websites.

It  is useful if your site receives up to 25,000 visitors monthly. 

For traffic beyond 25,000 visitors per month, then you can upgrade to GoGeek hosting plan.

GoGeek Plan: (Priced at $14.95 per month) 

This hosting plan is the most expensive.

It is perfect for large companies. Companies that have more  than 100,000 visitors monthly.

However, compared to other hosting companies, SiteGround prices reflect the best value for money.  It gives best quality hosting for a fraction of what it would cost.

Security and Backups

We talked earlier about backups of SiteGround hosting. One of the biggest benefits of choosing this hosting site is its security. You will have peace of mind. Your site will be protected by some of the best security tools available.

They take security seriously, and that’s a great pro. Mainly, if your site has an ecommerce store, it’s very useful. Even if your site collects any private information from users, then choose this hosting.

Help and Support

As mentioned earlier, SiteGround provides live chat or telephone support 24/7. By their customer support, you will be answered immediately. You will be notified about how many customers are ahead of you. And in most cases the wait times are minimal.

Does SiteGround offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, Siteground offers 30 days money-back guarantee. However, it provides a 30 days money-back guarantee for shared hosting plans only. And 15 days money-back guarantee for cloud hosting plans.

Frequetly Asked Questions - SiteGround Hosting

Final Verdict

SiteGround hosting platform is the great example of a stellar web hosting service. 

It’s reliability and features offer the best value for money. 

It provides best services that any other cheaper hosting will not provide. 

Best of all, for WordPress hosting, it guarantees a fast page speed. 

Although there are a few cons of SiteGround, overall I feel it is a highly recommendable service.

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